GDPR and all things privacy

I have written this page to detail the steps taken to protect the data and privacy of all people accessing, using or featured on, as well as to explain what information I have access to. is hosted by a company called Zenfolio and their own user agreement information for using the website are available here: The details provided below are in addition to the Zenfolio agreement so you understand the steps I have in place to protect you and your data.


When you access the site

I use google analytics tools to measure traffic to different parts of my website. This gives me aggregated information on which pages visitors arrive to my website and which page they leave from (which can help me see which pages attract traffic, as well as - potentially - pages that need improving to keep visitors interested), as well as where in the world traffic is coming from. I also have access to aggregate information to help me understand the technical side of traffic, for example the screen sizes or browsers people visit on, or the load times people experience. None of this information is personally identifiable.

When you are in a photo on the site

No personally identifiable information is held in the metadata of the photos uploaded, nor in the title of the galleries holding such images. All photos are named with the data and time at which the photo was taken (assuming I've kept the time and date of my camera up to date), and potentially may also hold GPS information on where the image was taken. For galleries specific to individual people (e.g. a wedding or a family photoshoot) the gallery will never use the surname (family name) of any subjects or any other information to identify the subjects. If there are any photographs of you that you wish to be hidden from view and/or only accessible via password, please contact me at [email protected]

When you buy something from the site

When you buy something from the site, I have access to the information you provide to secure I can help ensure your purchases reach you correctly. This includes the name, shipping address and email address you provide as well as which products you ordered and how much they cost. This information is securely held on the Zenfolio servers. I do not have access to any of your payment details you provided as this is all managed by Zenfolio directly and securely.


If you have any concerns or questions, please don't hesitate to contact me,



[email protected]