Wedding Photography and me

Weddings are my absolute passion when it comes to photography. They're always such beautiful, special occasions with everyone in attendance in buoyant, joyous mood - perfect for my style of photography. I like to document every aspect of the day so that you have a set of images that remind you of all the little details that you brought together in creating your special day.

There is always a need for some 'posed' shots on the day, but the best images in my opinion are the ones that capture events as they unfold naturally. My focus is ensuring I am in the right place at the right time to capture these beautiful moments, and doing so without interrupting things as they unfold. 

Please take some time to look through the images below and consider if this is a photographic style that resonates with you. Your first decision in finding a wedding photographer, is finding the right style of photographer. 

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Photographic Style

If these images have resonated with you and it's a style you like, please look back again at the websites of other photographers you've viewed. Only by way of comparison can you be confident that this is the style for you, and then you can begin comparing my work with other similar photographers.

Comfortable and at ease

As well as the style of photography, I also feel it is important to find a photographer that you feel at ease with. If you're interested in hiring me, I would strongly recommend we meet in person to get to know one-another and discuss your day. There is no cost or commitment - it's important to me that you are comfortable bringing me into one of the most important days of your life. 


Regardless of whether you feel I am the right person, my advice at this stage (as well as considering the style of photography) is to start to think which moments in your special day you want captured. Popular moments amongst previous clients include the first time the bridesmaids see the bride in her wedding dress in the morning; friends and family gathering at your venue; the groom anxiously waiting; vows, readings and celebrations during the ceremony; arriving at the wedding breakfast; speeches and reaction amongst your guests; musicians; cake cutting; first dance together; bride and father dancing... These are just some of the moments you may want your photographer to document for you to look back upon in the future. But it's worth giving it lots of thought as these are important decisions.


Good luck, and if you do choose to get in contact I would love to hear from you. You can reach me through the contact section on my page here or my facebook page here. You can also find full galleries of my wedding work, including the images above here